Customer National Electricity Company “E.N.E.”, Angola

Power system diagram which is shown in Fig. 1, provides electricity Angolan capital Luanda from Capanda hydroelectric power plants and Cambambe by three 220 kV LI-LIII lines length of about 180 km through the SS 220/60 kV Cazenga. Power consumed Luanda, is about 200 MW. Two intermediate 220/60 kV substation Viana and Camama, located 30 km from Cazenga, taken about 180 MW of power to supply the suburbs of the capital. The state of the power system was characterized by an overload of reactive power lines, unstable and low-voltage network and frequent, almost daily, disconnected consumers.

To normalize the regimes of 220 kV lines and increase their capacity, installation on 60 kV power bus of all three substations capacitor banks (3x10 MVAR at SS Camama and 6x10 MVAR at the substation Viana and Cazenga), as well as on the first two substations 220kV buses transformers type controlled shunt reactor has been offered.

Implementation of the project CSRT provides:

  • Increase bus voltage of 220 kV substations up to 11% and voltage regulation within ± 2%;
  • Reduction of resistive losses in the three transmission lines by 25%;
  • Increase transfer ability of the three transmission lines up to 50-60 MW;
  • It was confirmed that CSRT have low response time and the ability to perform its functions as a shunt reactor.
  • Operation of connected directly to the high-voltage substation buses CSRT  is systemic and much more efficient than TCR that are connected to the tertiary winding of substation autotransformers instead of synchronous condensers.

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