RPS-110/50/132 at GTPP “KUMKOL”

Customer JSC Turgai-Petroleum, Kazakhstan

Prior to modernization GTPP Kumkol has low level voltage (105kV), unstable operation of GTPP and reduced generation due to a shortage of gas (lowering production), power failure in the networks of KEGOC, restrictions imposed by KEGOC due to low capacity of the 220/110 kV substation in the repair period.

From March 28 to April 24, 2014 in Karaganda region of Kazakhstan at gas turbine power plant Kumkol five sets of RPS were commissioned and passed network testing, which consisted of controlled shunt reactor (10MVA, 10kV), capacitor banks (25MVA, 110 kV each) and filter compensating devices FCD.

After the implementation of the said equipment at Kumkol substation the following results were obtained:

1. Voltage of 110 kV of the consumer stabilized with accuracy ± 0,5% with fluctuations of voltage 220/110 up to ± 15% of nominal.

2. Stability of 110/6 kV network of the consumer improved at fault in the network and deep brownouts (up 30%).

3. Work of the gas turbine with a given cos φ (in the range of 0,9-0,98) stabilized with a maximum output of active power.

4. Capacity of its own network of 110/6 kV increased at 25%.

5. Losses have decreased by 15-20% due to reducing the load and stabilization of bus voltage at 110 kV.

6. Opeartion of on-line tape changers of transformers was excluded in normal modes.

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