Customer LLP “Karakudukmunai”, Kazakhstan

Karakuduk is an oil field located in Mangistau Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 160 km south-west from the regional center Beyneu. The field was discovered in 1971. Oil extraction from the field has exceeded 5 million tons.

For Karakuduk field a particularly acute problem is the unreliability of electricity. The parent 110/35/10 kV substation of the field is removed from feeding centers (220/110 kV substations) about 180 km - despite the fact that the condition of regional power grids is extremely unsatisfactory. As a result, voltage level has decreased to 97-100 kV and become unstable, operating time of on-line tape changers of transformers multiply exceeded the normative, oil shortfalls rose sharply due to power failures.

The installation of RPS(C)-35/28/20 at 110/35 kV Karakuduk substation consisting of two CSRs on 35 kV buses with capacity of 10 MVA each, two capacitor banks with capacity of 10 MVA each to voltage of 38.5 kV, two filter compensating devices (FCD) with voltage of 6.3 kV and capacity of 4 MVA each, and three single-phase current-limiting reactors at voltage of 35 kV with resistance of 12 ohms made it possible to:

  • Increase capacity of 110 kV transmission line Uzen-Beyneu to 35 MW due to the normalization of bus voltage of 110 kV at Karakuduk substation on the condition of equality of voltage of feeding centers (Uzen-Beyneu) at maximum and advanced modes.
  • Increase capacity of the 35 kV transmission line of Karakudukmunai internal network to the design level of 30 MW.
  • Provide capacity of the 110/35/10kV substation to the projected level of 35 MW.
  • Provide capacity of the 35/6 kV substation to the projected level of 23 MW.
  • Exclude operation of on-line tape changers of transformers due to automatic stabilization of bus voltage at 110/35 kV network in steady-state modes.
  • Increase stability of 110/35 kV network of LLP "Karakudukmunai" in case of emergency short-term increase in voltage at feeding centers by 15% and short-term voltage dip by 30%. The response time of the equipment is less than 0.3 seconds.

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