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Volume of products sold about 6 GW

In recent years, with an increase in power consumption, and in the course of reform and implementation of energy saving programs and energy efficiency in electric networks, the work on reactive power compensation and development of controlled or flexible power lines that are part of the Smart Grid networks with FACTS (Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems), has been intensified. A number of regulations were put in effect, aimed primarily at encouraging the introduction of compensating devices both in electrical networks, and by consumers of electricity.

Optimal modes of such power systems need highly effective flow control means of both active and reactive power. Our Company offers a full range of services (from the calculations up to turnkey) in the area of reactive power compensation and voltage control in networks of 6 - 500 kV, which includes the production and supply of equipment, such as:

  • Complexes of Reactive Power Sources (RPS);
  • Controlled Shunt Reactors (CSR);
  • Capacitor Banks (CB);
  • Filter Compensating Devices (FCD);
  • Damping Reactors;
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics Systems (MDS) for high-voltage transformers and electromagnetic parts of controlled reactors.

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