For voltage of 110-500 kV

The main consumers of controlled compensation devices for voltage of 110 kV are distribution networks of large cities and industrial power districts with high concentrations of load, backbone transmission and intersystem power lines. Controlled shunt reactors are used to stabilize generators of any power at nuclear power plants, hydro power plants and so on.

Among the innovative devices provided by our company for electrical networks with voltage of 110 kV there are complexes of Reactive Power Sources (RPS) on the basis of Controlled Shunt Reactors (CSR), Capacitor Banks and Filter Compensating Devices (FCD).


- According to customer requirements we can manufacture reactors and RPS equipment complexes of any nominal power for any nominal voltage.

- Rated voltage for RPS is 110, 220 kV. For RPS of higher-voltage the connection of capacitor banks is made to the compensation (secondary) winding of the reactor with the voltage class of 10 - 35 kW, depending on the class of voltage and power of RPS reactor.

The service life of RPS complexes presented in terms of the transformer equipment is at least 25 years, before the first major overhaul - at least 15 years, and elements of converters and automatic control systems - at least 10 years.

The payback period is up to 3 years.


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