The activities of “Clever Reactor” are based on the patents of the Russian Federation, which have been developed by leading experts in the field of energy and electrical engineering.

We suggest you read the list of license agreements of our Company: 


License No. РД0114980 from 11.12.2012 on the use of the patents:

№ 2282912 “Power Factor Correction Unit;” 

№ 2337424 “Method of controlling the Reactive Power Source;” 

№ 2341858 “Method to extinguish the arc of single-phase fault to the ground in the pause of one-phase autoreclosing of the power line with a three-phase shunt reactor;” 

№ 2374738 “Current-limiting device of the mains;” 

№ 2392717 “High-voltage overhead line with attached shunt reactors”


License No. РД0144808 from 31.03.2014 on the use of the patents:

№ 2269175 “Electrical reactor with magnetic bias;”

№ 2335026 “Reactive power source;”

№ 2335056 “Reactive power source;” 

№ 2410785 “Reactive power source;” 

№ 2410786 “Reactive power source;” 

№ 2418332 “Three-phase electrical reactor with magnetic bias;” 

For the useful model № 119518 “Variable source of reactive power.”

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